Dynamic Structures designs and builds the world’s largest telescopes and enclosures. That same innovation is used at Dynamic Optics for producing Lightweight Mirrors and developing Ultra-Thin Mirror Technology.

Dynamic’s Lightweight Mirrors are used in:

  • optical telescopes
  • LiDAR systems
  • scanners
  • active primary and secondary optics
  • airborne optical systems
  • High Energy Laser (HEL) fusion and adaptive optics systems
  • face morphing adaptive optics

The ‘blank’ mirrors are custom-made, have exceptional performance, and are economical. The company’s ground-breaking Pressure Injection Molding process provides the most design flexibility. It also uses a Spin Cast process for large mirrors, offering:

  • open or closed back castings
  • face-up rotational casting (pre-curve to near net concave faces)

Dynamic’s Ultra-Thin Mirror Technology:

The company is developing an advanced mirror-polishing technology that has the potential to radically reshape the observatory telescope industry.

Telescope mirrors require highly accurate surfaces. To achieve this, conventional polishing methods require thick, heavy mirrors. This impacts the size and cost of the entire telescope structure.

Dynamic’s research team is developing a polishing process that produces precise optical surfaces, exceeding telescope requirements, on extraordinarily thinner mirrors. The revolutionary process uses a proprietary HyDRA tool and a six axis robot.

It is hoped that thinner telescope mirrors will reduce the cost of building observatories, thus making building them more affordable to countries, scientific groups universities and astronomical societies.