One of Dynamic Structures’ most noted areas of innovation is in helping scientists view the universe through the development and building of telescope observatories.

We provide the detailed designs, manufacturing and on-site construction of enclosures and telescopes. From telescopes ranging in size from 3.5 metres to 10 metres, to the next generation telescopes as large as 30 metres, we continue to provide revolutionary support to the advancement of mankind through astronomical discoveries.

As part of Canada’s contribution to the international megaproject, Dynamic has created the design for the Thirty Meter Telescope’s enclosure. The unique calotte design will protect the world’s largest optical telescope.

Hawaii, the Canary Islands and Chile are some of the locations for the company’s other telescope projects, such as:

  • Canada France Hawaii Telescope
  • Isaac Newton Telescope
  • William Herschel Telescope
  • W.M. Keck Observatory
  • Starfire Optical Range
  • Subaru Telescope
  • Gemini Twin Telescopes
  • Atacama Cosmology Telescope

Dynamic has been serving the global astronomical community for 40 years.